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zamio plant in basket

Zamio Plant Basket

275.00 AED

  • Zamio Plant in a natural basket
  • The freshest & natural Zamio plants will be selected for you and plant in a natural basket before the delivery date.
  • Same day plant & flower delivery,
  • Next day & scheduled plant & flower delivery options
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Plant Care

Low light exposure
Water once every 20 days
Fertilizer once every 2 months

Ideal for

Living room with windows
Dining room with windows
Kitchen with windows


It is a herbaceous plant growing to 45–60 centimetres (17.7–23.6 in) tall, from a stout underground, succulent rhizome. It is normally evergreen, but becomes deciduous during drought, surviving drought due to the large potato-like rhizome that stores water until rainfall resumes. The leaves are pinnate, 40–60 centimetres (15.7–23.6 in) long, with 6–8 pairs of leaflets 7–15 centimetres (2.8–5.9 in) long; they are smooth, shiny, and dark green. The stems of these pinnate leaves are thickly thickened at the bottom.

The flowers are produced in a small bright yellow to brown or bronze spadix 5–7 centimetres (2.0–2.8 in) long, partly hidden among the leaf bases; flowering is from mid-summer to early autumn.

Zamioculcas (zamiofolia) contains unusually high water contents of leaves (91%) and petioles (95%) and has individual leaf longevity of at least six months, which may be the reason it can survive extremely well under interior low light levels for four months without water.




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