Herb of the Sun & Chocolate Truffles

367.00 AED 330.00 AED

Our mixed truffles:

Our truffles are hand-made in Dubai by Pascal Clair, a 7 star chef and world renowned for his outstanding skills as a master patissier. Pascal has cooked for royals like Prince Charles, The price of Wales, Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth herself and many VIPs like Dick Cheney, George Bush, The Gandhi family, Bill Clinton and Sir Richard Branson to name just a few.

  • 9 Pieces mixed chocolate truffles
  • 7 Yellow Spray Roses
  • 9 Orange Roses
  • 8 Croscosmia
  • Vase not included
  • 5 Days freshness guarantee
  • Comes with flower food
  • Care Tips


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