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Height: 10cm

**Please note that the vases and other accessories shown in the image are not included**

Plant Care

High to Medium light conditions
Light watering – once every two weeks (soil to be dry between waterings)
Apply fertilizer between waterings

Ideal for

Living room with windows
Dining room with windows
Kitchen with windows


Fittonia (nerve plant) is a genus of flowering plants in the acanthus family Acanthaceae, native to tropical rainforest in South America, mainly Peru.

The most commonly grown are F. albivenis and its cultivars. They are spreading evergreen perennials growing 10–15 cm (4–6 in) tall. They bear lush green leaves with accented veins of white to deep pink and have a short fuzz covering their stems. Small buds may appear after a time where the stem splits into leaves. Flowers are small with a white to off-white colour. Plants are best kept in a moist area with mild sunlight and temperatures above 55 °F (13 °C), therefore in temperate areas they must be grown as houseplants. Without water for a few days, this plant is known to “faint” but is easily revived with a quick watering. Its spreading habit makes it ideal as groundcover.


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