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Divine 36′

349.00 AED


    • 36 Ever Red premium roses
    • 1 hand written card
    • Free Delivery
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Our premium Roses:

Bloombox imports our roses from hand-picked farms in Kenya and Ethiopia 2-3 times per week to ensure their freshness, quality and longevity.

To keep your flowers longer:

1. use a clean vase and cold water
2. Add the flower food
3. cut 1-2 cm from the bottom of each stem
4. Remove any leave from the water

Care Tips

  • Your flowers keep their freshness between 7-10 days
  • After you receive your flowers, cut the stems with a sharp knife in a diagonal way
  • Put the flowers on a vase with enough water and add the flower foods
  • Clean your vase once in 3 days and change the water
  • When you clean the water, clean & cut the stems again
  • Do not use water spraying on the flowers
shown on the front-top

shown on the front-top


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