1/2 Bed

744.00 AED 595.00 AED

  • Areca Palm 100cm, Pot size 21cm
  • Money plant 100cm, Pot size 21cm
  • Sansevieria 30CM, Pot size 12cm
  • Kalanchoe 25CM, Pot size 10.5cm
  • 2 x Large Reed Pots
  • 2 x Small Ceramic Pots



A collection of plants that is ideal for a one or two bedroom apartment with an amazing 20% discount. The package is accompanied by a gorgeous collection of pots, two large pot hand made from reed and two smaller ceramic pots. These pots are made in Europe and are of the highest quality and finish, you can select from a wide range of colors when you place the order with us.

You will also receive a plant care guide, which will help you care for your best friends who look after you and refresh the air inside your homes.

Ever worried about going on holiday and leaving you best pals at home with no water or care? then this package is ideal for you! We offer plant nursery service free of charge to all our plant bundle customers where you can either drop your plants at our flower center for free or we can arrange them to be collected and dropped of for a small delivery fee.


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