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275.00 AED
  • 3 Peace Lily Plants in a natural basket.
  • Peace Lily is an evergreen plant ; it fits as well in the house as in the office. Peace Lily is known for its brilliant white flowers and acceptance of dark places.
  • The freshest & natural Peace  Lily plants will be selected for you and plant in a natural basket before the delivery date.

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Next day delivery only

299.00 AED

Please note

  • The offer is for one Yucca. You can chose the size. To have the set like in the picture, your should order three yuccas to have one of each size.
  • Basket is not included.
  • Next day delivery for any order.


115.00 AED295.00 AED

The Money Plant is also known as the Golden Pothos, Devils Ivy and Epipremnum aureum.

The nickname came in China where Money Plants have a reputation for bringing luck and good fortune to their owners.

Known for their braided trunks, and delicate looking umbrella shaped leaves, Money Tree Plants are very popular and quite easy to grow indoor plants.

  • Light: Bright indirect sunlight
  • Temperature: not below 16°C
  • Water: Every 2-3 weeks
  • Product color/size may vary from picture
  • Sold in nursery pots
Please note:
  • Pot is not included.
  • Next Day Delivery Only.


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