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270.00 AED
  • Deluxe Size Spray Roses with 30 stems
  • Spray Roses are sometimes named sweetheart roses. They are delicate, miniature roses that bloom in clusters, which gives them a lush look. Spray roses are the perfect flower to bring extra volume and elegant touch in your home.
  • These Spray Roses like all our roses, are sourced with our Fair Trade commitment. We care about sustainability, and we have only selected farmers who work with respect to their environment, whether it’s people or roses.

Your FAIRTRADE Spray roses were grown in Kenya.

We care about sustainable and equitable trade relationships, that’s why we choose very carefully our suppliers. We want to work in a respectful and sustainable manner. with the farmers who make the difference. Thus, we select the ones who take care of their flowers and the soil on which they grow but also for the people they trade with. This is how we know the flowers we bring you are the best quality ones.

250.00 AED

Your FAIRTRADE roses were grown in the Oserian Farm located in Kenya.

We care about sustainable and equitable trade relationships with the farmers and workers in growing countries and make a difference in the lives of the people who grow and create the things we love.



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