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249.00 AED349.00 AED

From the ruby tones to the pure white shades, the Galapagos bouquet offers an irresistible palette of colors. This classic bouquet is a safe bet, send it as a gift for any occasion!

Please note: The vase is not included.
Bouquet Picture: Premium Size.

We always try our best to match the plant pictured, we remain dedicated to fresh, premium flowers. 
210.00 AED

Phalaenopsis cascade is a type of orchid that produces long, cascading stems with multiple blooms. The flowers are typically large, with a distinct “moth-like” appearance.

They are commonly used as indoor plants and require warm, humid conditions to thrive.

Tip: easy to maintain, soak its roots in water for a 15 seconds once a week and let dry!

Please note

  • The orchid has white flowers and comes into a white ceramic pot.
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