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Your FAIRTRADE Spray roses were grown in Kenya.

We care about sustainable and equitable trade relationships, that’s why we choose very carefully our suppliers. We want to work in a respectful and sustainable manner. with the farmers who make the difference. Thus, we select the ones who take care of their flowers and the soil on which they grow but also for the people they trade with. This is how we know the flowers we bring you are the best quality ones.



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380.00 AED
This fresh flower arrangement is meticulously designed to capture the quintessence of passion and adoration
250.00 AED

This fresh flower arrangement is meticulously designed to capture the quintessence of passion and adoration

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115.00 AED295.00 AED

The Money Plant is also known as the Golden Pothos, Devils Ivy and Epipremnum aureum.

The nickname came in China where Money Plants have a reputation for bringing luck and good fortune to their owners.

Known for their braided trunks, and delicate looking umbrella shaped leaves, Money Tree Plants are very popular and quite easy to grow indoor plants.

  • Light: Bright indirect sunlight
  • Temperature: not below 16°C
  • Water: Every 2-3 weeks
  • Product color/size may vary from picture
  • Sold in nursery pots
Please note:
  • Pot is not included.
  • Next Day Delivery Only.
210.00 AED

Phalaenopsis cascade is a type of orchid that produces long, cascading stems with multiple blooms. The flowers are typically large, with a distinct “moth-like” appearance.

They are commonly used as indoor plants and require warm, humid conditions to thrive.

Tip: easy to maintain, soak its roots in water for a 15 seconds once a week and let dry!

Please note

  • The orchid has white flowers and comes into a white ceramic pot.
255.00 AED355.00 AED

Kentia Palm is a low maintenance indoor plant. Once your Kentia palm is established, it will require very little care.
Kentia Palms should receive only indirect light.
Kentia palms prefer a well-drained sandy or loamy soil. Plan to water when the top inch of soil dries out. Less water needed in winter season.

Please note

  • Pot is not included.
  • Next day delivery only.

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